Katerina Digoni

Katerina Digoni

Katerina Digoni lives and works in Athens. She studied at the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts at the University of West Attica and at the School of Fine Arts in Venice, where she completed a six-month internship in the engraving studio.

Her artistic practice focuses on exploring the concept of landscape by making collages utilising the digital photographic medium, with polaroid film and using telescopes.

Katerina Digoni

In 2020 she participated with her photographic series “Erased Scenes from an Untouched Landscape” in the Young Greek Photographers group show of the Athens Photo Festival at the Benaki Museum, one year after her contribution to the satellite exhibition Unfold: Counterfeit/Counterfate.

In 2021, she entered the field of education as a photography seminar instructor. Her most recent photographic works are currently on display at the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, in the group exhibition “Landscape Stories”.

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