Antonia Petriti

Antonia Petriti

Antonia Petriti was born in 1995 and she grew up in Aegina island, Greece. 

She started study photography in 2016 at Focus school of photography and new media in Athens. 
In 2018 she developed her first project "Doesn't the food taste a little strange to you?" at the year-round workshop "Dust Breeding" in Athens by Yorgos Karailias and Yorgos Prinos.

On March 2019 she made a zine in collaboration with a designer at "Battle Zine vol.2" organized by Void in Athens. In 2020, her work ''Doesn't the food taste a little strange to you?'' was part of the exhibition Greek Young Photographers of the Athen Photo Festival.

In 2021, she studied in the year-round workshop ''Atelier Smedsby'' by Margot Wallard and JH Engstrom.

She lives and works in Paris. 

Antonia Petriti

"Photography works as a space where I can be free to show myself and my life the way I want to show it. Coming from an often-closed traditional family, I'm wishing to re-read its pressures and play within its limits.

To go against those pleasures and entrapments of the middle class. 

To explore the woman body and sexuality inside this context or notice the unusual transformation of banal objects.

And after all, it's not a way to escape the past, but more a way to learn live within it.

Just on my own terms".  

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