Alessia Rollo

Alessia Rollo

Alessia Rollo is a visual artist born in 1982 in South Italy where she lives and works.
After earning her undergraduate degree in visual communication at the University of Perugia (Italy), she completed a master’s in creative photography at the EFTI (Spain) in 2009.
For Rollo, rather than explaining or documenting a situation, photography is a medium that permits myriad metaphors. In her project she always questions photography as tools of representation and deliberately mixes a documentary approach with a factionary one.
Her projects are focused on the Mediterranean area to question which are relevant topics in the main streaming storytelling, found contemporary and past social and visual stereotypes and offer new point of view on this area. Her projects are often oriented to expand a sense of community through re-appropriation of histories, memories and visual material.

Her projects have been displayed in many exhibitions in solo and group shows in different international countries in Museum, Foundations and galleries.
She was selected for different international’s residencies and projects in Italy, Ethiopia, France, Mexico etc.
She was selected also by PHotoEspaña as emergent talent 2018 for Futures Photography. In 2019 her project Fata Morgana Fata Morgana has been selected by FotoCanal in Spain and published by Ediciones Anomalas.
Her project “Dialoghi italiani” was one of the finalists works at Cosmos Book Award 2018 at Arles Festival.
In 2022 she was awarded by PhMuseum Women Photographer grant for her project Parallel Eyes.

Alessia Rollo


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